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Web Application Development

About me: Paul Christian Allsopp
I work as a software developer, with my primary focus being on Web Application Development. I love working with APIs. I love mashup technologies.

My philosophy: Interoperability
I believe in the modern web as a canvas of different technologies all talking seamlessly with one another. Software platforms and languages should no longer be disconnected islands, there is enough new fabric to build bridges between them.

The future-web: What developers are missing
Many web developers that started off as software engineers are missing an idiosyncrasy of the modern web: the front-end is just as important as the back-end. For many years now we’ve had IndexedDB, but most web application developers don’t use it, believing that data storage, other than cookies, belongs on the server. The thing they don’t see is that the client computer has become a part of the software system as a whole. The users computer is now a part of the application. The “web” is not something we should connect to: it is something we should be a part of.

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Zend Certified Engineer
Zend Certified Engineer
License Number: ZEND025038

Certified Scrum Master
Certified Scrum Master
License Number: 000287801